The Senate Republicans’ Trumpcare bill is predicted to devastate rural Iowa hospitals and nursing homes. The proposed 25% cut in Medicaid spending will put these Iowa facilities at risk of severe cuts in services or outright closure. Will Senators Grassley and Ernst vote for a healthcare plan that these healthcare stakeholders warn will destroy rural Iowa communities? Iowa’s senators failed to raise their voices while their Republican senate colleagues arrogantly crafted a plan in secrecy, without public input and without hearings. Grassley and Ernst have betrayed their responsibility to represent their constituents by remaining silent.

Governor Reynolds was asked about her support for the Senate bill at her Monday press conference. She pivoted away from addressing the cuts to Medicaid by suggesting jobs were the answer. Apparently, she is suggesting Medicaid recipients need to find a job with health benefits.

“There’s a lot of different ways that we can work with vulnerable Iowans. It starts with helping them get the skills that they need to fill the jobs that are available today,” she said.

Is Reynolds suggesting that disabled or elderly Iowans on Medicaid need to find a job with benefits? Is she referring to Iowa’s working poor on Medicaid? The vast majority have jobs but aren’t offered benefits. Reynolds seems clueless to the reality of Medicaid recipients. In addition, the Republicans cut the minimum wage so these poor working Iowans are struggling to survive at low wage jobs with no benefits.


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