Working Families Summit focuses on organizing, advocacy

Hundreds of Iowans gathered for the third Iowa Working Families Summit — the second in Ames — Saturday to bring Iowan’s together under the theme, “Standing Together, Fighting Back,” to learn about policy and advocacy.

Saturday’s keynote speaker at the event held at the Schemen Building on the Iowa State University campus was Larry Cohen, former president of the Communications Workers of America Union. Cohen was a senior advisor on the Bernie Sanders presidential campaign, and now leads the group Our Revolution, a group fighting to advance Sander’s progressive agenda after the campaign ended. His keynote address theme was “Seizing the Moment.”

When asked why he attends events such as the summit, and why it is important they continue to happen, Cohen said, “We need everyone to work together, we need a majority strategy.”

There were more than 30 sponsors of the summit, all with tables set up to share information about their goals and purposes with the other groups and with the public in attendance.

The main sponsor of the group was the Iowa Federation of Labor.

“Labor is inherently linked to all these groups and that is key,” Cohen said.


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