Iowa City Federation of Labor Endorses Passage of Bond Referendum


June 2, 2017 (Iowa City, Iowa) – The Iowa City Federation of Labor, AFLCIO, voted at its Regular Delegates Meeting in May to endorse the General Obligation Bond which will be on the ballot for the September 12, 2017, School Board Election.

Republicans in the Legislature have reneged on their commitment to education. Their failure to value education means our local community must act if we want to continue to provide quality education for Iowa City Community School District families.

We have an obligation to support passage of this bond and to demand oversight on its implementation. This includes reconsidering the capability of current administration to be transparent and democratic in its decision making, and if not, to be bold enough to replace the current administration.

Upon passage of the bond, Labor will work with our community allies to ask that:

  • Industrial Arts Programs be part of any ongoing discussion of the Facilities Master Plan
  • Contractors hire local labor, and if they are found to have significant OSHA violations, not to be considered a responsible bidder
  • There be an equitable balance between updating outdated schools and building new schools in growing areas

The ICCSD also needs to report on its ability to properly fund operational expenses as the school district expands. No one wants to have larger class sizes because the district cannot afford to hire teachers to staff additional classrooms. Neither do we want the custodial and administrative staff to be overworked or underpaid as the district budgets to provide service for a growing school district.

Iowa City Community School District students are depending on our investment to quality, accessible, public education. We were leaders in the state when it came to raising wages for Iowa’s poorest workers, and now it’s time for us to be leaders in the state in a commitment to funding education.

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