Can you join us again for the Iowa Working Families Summit?

Can you join us again for the Iowa Working Families Summit?
Two years ago you were there in 2015, at the first Working Families Summit hosted by the Iowa Federation of Labor and progressive partners from across the state.

Now, two years later, we are excited to be part of the team again as the progressive community holds another Working Families Summit in Ames.

I know it seems like the 2015 Iowa Working Families Summit just happened yesterday. But now in 2017, Iowans have faced numerous attacks on so many fronts, and it’s been hard to keep up. Again, many of the same groups are planning another summit that will not just recap the carnage being leveled at the state and national level, but will also focus on how different groups are fighting back.

What: Iowa Working Families Summit
When: Saturday, June 10, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m
Where: Scheman Building, Iowa State University, Ames, IA

We’d also like you and your organization to be a part of this!  If your organization would like to sponsor, please let Lance Coles of the Iowa Federation of Labor know at

Thanks for your participation in the past Robin, and I hope to see you at this year’s summit on Saturday, June 10th!
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