Three Big Things Missing From Kim Reynolds Inaugural Speech – Iowa Starting Line


Iowa has a new governor.

Kim Reynolds was officially sworn in this morning at a large ceremony in the rotunda of the Capitol, with many of the state’s top officials, Republican legislators and major conservative activists in attendance. Terry Branstad resigned the office and was immediately installed as America’s next ambassador to China.

All those things have been in the work for months now, but the big question was what vision Reynolds would lay out for her administration. Would she set a separate path from Branstad or stay the course in both substance and style? Would she lay out key, measurable goals or stick to overarching values?

The answer is that she very much stuck to a theme of continuation of the Branstad Administration, with a simple, four-part agenda that focused on tax reform, renewable energy, innovative education and workforce training. In simple political and stylistic terms, it was a well-delivered speech that effectively laid out her life story – going from a rural Iowa upbringing to service in county government – and put forth a modest governing plan.


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