Reynolds’ Wrong Move Shows Failed Priorities

Reynolds’ Wrong Move Shows Failed Priorities shows the failed budget choices made by the Branstad/Reynolds administration

DES MOINES — In response to Governor Branstad today signing into law a budget that severely underfunds critical public services and priorities while authorizing $150,000 for the transition of Kim Reynolds from Lt. Governor to the office of Governor, Progress Iowa released the website and issued the following statement from executive director Matt Sinovic:

“The Branstad/Reynolds administration has attacked working families for years, so it’s no surprise that Kim Reynolds’ transition budget, her first move as she becomes Governor, is a slap in the face to everyday Iowans.”

“$150,000 is not nearly enough to fill the mammoth hole in the state budget created by one corporate tax giveaway after another. But by taking those thousands of dollars, Reynolds demonstrates her failed priorities.”

“Instead of helping move her boxes a few feet down the hall, that transition budget could have meant three weeks of clean water in central Iowa, books for 157 students at the University of Iowa, or school supplies so 300 teachers wouldn’t have to pay out-of-pocket to provide the best learning environment possible.”

“These are the fail priorities of Terry Branstad and Kim Reynolds on full display. Unfortunately for Iowa’s working families, it seems that Reynolds will pick up right where Branstad is leaving off.”



“Lt. Governor Reynolds and Governor Branstad missed a huge opportunity to listen to Iowans and correct the mistakes of GOP lawmakers. It’s outrageous that $150,000 was approved for the Lt. Governor to move offices while cuts were made to domestic violence grants.  The GOP failed taxpayers this legislative session and Lt. Governor Reynolds insistence on this line item shows she will put the politics of her office before the needs of Iowans.


The GOP budget means students will be paying higher tuition; fewer at-risk kids will be able to attend preschool; and homeowners will pay higher property taxes.  Iowans have every right to be frustrated with the broken promises Republicans made to the people of Iowa this session.”


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