Labor unions unite at march in SE Iowa

Labor union leaders from across Iowa were out to rally members from the Heartland for the mid-term elections.

Though the election are still over a year away, they want to make sure legislatures stay on track with promises made during the 2016 election.

Wapello County is typically a Democratic stronghold, but President Donald Trump erased that long-running streak with an over 20 point lead over Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

“We had one of the candidates really adopt our message, and our members voted for the candidate who adopted our message,” President of the Iowa Federation of Labor Ken Sagar said.

Trump received mixed to poor reviews from marchers due to issues ranging from jobs, the economy and the elimination of the Trans Pacific Partnership.

“I like that he shut the TPP out, but other than that, I would give him a zero,” event organizer Chris Laursen said.

Sagar said their message hasn’t changed, and investment in America still needs to be made.


Ottumwa Courier Article

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