2017 Legislative Session in Review

Education & worker training

Bipartisan successes

Helping schools use limited resources effectively by allowing them to spend various categories of school funding on a broader range of expenses that still achieve the intended goals (HF 564).

Allowing some unused school funding to go into a “Flexibility Account” to be used in a broader fashion to achieve the intended goals (HF 565).

Expanding the ways Iowans can earn a high school equivalency diploma when they meet academic standards. New pathways include a test battery, credit-based measures, and attaining academic credentials of equivalent or greater rigor (HF 473).


Republican failures

Limiting Iowans’ ability to get ahead with mid-year cuts of more than $26 million to education, community colleges and state universities (SF 130).

Failing our schools with inadequate funding that doesn’t keep up with inflation, let alone make up for years of unmet needs. School superintendents say this will cause teacher layoffs and larger class sizes (SF 166).


Missed opportunities


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