Where did the Iowa I love go? A student’s perspective

TJ Foley is a senior at Valley High School in West Des Moines. He will pursue a degree in international relations next fall. -promoted by desmoinesdem

To be quite honest, I thought I was done writing about politics in Iowa. As a high school senior, son of a teacher, and lifelong Iowan I am increasingly disillusioned with the direction of this state. This year the Iowa GOP and their special interest friends steamrolled over ordinary Iowans, gutting collective bargaining for public employees, eviscerating workers’ compensation protections, and slashing the wages of thousands of Iowan families, to name a few. Due to their actions, I no longer recognize my home of nearly 18 years. The Iowa I love values workers and teachers more than the narrow priorities of elite special interests like the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) and the Koch Brothers. But the Iowa I love and the Iowa we all currently have are no longer the same.

The damage of these policies and others passed this year transcends their consequences on everyday Iowans. They present a covert assault on the most basic tenet of democracy–that our leaders report to the people. Polls show that a sizeable majority of Iowans support increasing the minimum wage, funding Planned Parenthood, and raising the sales tax to clean Iowa’s water. Demonstrators protested a bill making it more difficult to vote, organized in support of a minimum wage increase, and publicly supported other policies to help out everyday Iowans. Legislative forums even in the most conservative counties were packed with angry constituents seeking answers.


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