2017 Closing Day Remarks by Senate Democratic Leader Rob Hogg

Mr. President, Mr. Majority Leader, and all my Senate colleagues:

During my address on the opening day of this session, I expressed hope the Senate would govern wisely and take action to make life better on the bread-and-butter issues that Iowans face every day.

I noted that – in recent years – the Legislature has worked together in a bipartisan manner on policies that were designed to:

  • Create jobs and broaden economic prosperity across our state.
  • Create more educational opportunities for Iowans.
  • Expand access to health care and make it more affordable.
  • Improve public safety for families, neighborhoods and communities.
  • Help safeguard our people and our property from disasters.

With that in mind, I pledged on the first day of the session that Senate Democrats would focus on real solutions to real problems.

I specifically cited six real problems that need to be addressed:


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