Be a part of the Working Families Summit

Dear Progressive:

We are inviting you to an exciting event which will bring dozens of progressive Iowa organizations together at the second Working Families Summit. This event will be held 9 am, June 10 at the Scheman Building in Ames (ISU Campus).

The Summit is still in the formation process with speakers and classes. Last time we had national speakers on various issues. We are looking for speakers that will agitate, invigorate and educate. If you are interested in being a part of this exciting day we need volunteers. The committees that are available include:

Financial/Sponsorship – Set budget, raise funds, make request for sponsors. Charge for event? Charge for Vendor tables?  Lunch expense. Refreshments?

Speakers – Get keynote speaker. Get morning speakers.

Classes/Issues – Determine the number of classes. Assign rooms to classes. Create morning panel. Get speakers for afternoon – how we did discussion.

Communications – Press Releases, social media, web page, FB page. On line registration.

Floor Operations/logistics – Make sure signs are in front of rooms and are right. Help hand out during classes and general sessions. Signs on ground floor directing to 1st floor. Has people in class rooms, assisting, and keeping them on time.  Auditorium Person will keep the general sessions on time, people ready to go out, and deal with problems.

Table Vendors – assign vendors to tables. See if they need power, etc. Have curtains, tables and chairs.

Allies & Partners – Contact groups, organizations and people that may like to be on a committee, sponsor, contribute, work the event, or just attend

Bringing a coalition of progressive organizations and people together for a day of discussion and action will help strengthen working Iowa families, determine a direction, and will keep the movement in motion.

The Working Families Summit registration page will be up soon, please contact Lance Coles at 515-262-9571 or if you are interested in being on a committee, supporting the event or want more information. Please share this letter with others you believe would be interested in being a part of this event


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