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Buddy Howard, Lee County Labor Council

A big thank you to Iowa Federation of Labor President Ken Sagar for filling in for Tracy Leone at our Keokuk WIN meeting Tuesday night.

  And thanks to all who took the time come to the meeting and participate. We will have some news before the next WIN meeting about some questions asked and some possible candidates.

 I’m very excited about the group of activists who came as feet on the ground is what makes it easier for us to get the message out about the issues important to working families.

 This meeting we had some exciting news about a couple of new candidates, and another announcement that is exciting to us, but I will make sure she is ready to share with everyone before I spoil it here.

 We found out another person has decided to stick around and run for Keokuk city council again so we were pleased about this.

 We will be sending out an agenda and some news about the next WIN meeting. Hope everyone can make it and bring a friend.

 PS: I apologize for my early exit, but I had promised the Library board I would be able to sell tickets to the Elvis show at the Grand Theatre Tuesday Night. After they went through the trouble of finding him I felt I needed to be there. Thanks.

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