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iowa cap at nightGuest post from Senate Leader Rob Hogg

Today, I am writing to ask you to help us stop a dozen bad bills from advancing out of committee this week. Friday marks the “first funnel” under legislative rules, which is a first procedural hurdle that will stop some legislative proposals for the year. If we can stop these bills this week, it will reduce the damage that could be done later.

The new Republican majority has already done a lot of damage to Iowans, including:

> Major mid-year budget cuts (SF130) that closed correctional facilities and laid off correctional workers, forced court closures, and led the University of Iowa to renege on promised scholarships.

> The third lowest school funding level (1.11%) (SF166) in the history of the school finance formula, after the worst six-year funding stretch in our state’s history.

> Attack on our teachers’ and public workers’ rights to organize and negotiate for fair wages, benefits, and other working conditions (HF291).

Now, there is even more harm coming to Iowans under Republican proposals pending in committee. With your help, we can stop at least some of these proposals in committee this week, and take them off the table for the rest of 2017. Please speak up with Republican legislators this week on one or more of the following issues by emailing them or calling them at their preferred contact information (available at You can also call and leave messages at the House switchboard (515-281-3221) or the Senate switchboard (515-281-3371).


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