HF 316 dismantles the Des Moines Metro Water Works Systems

vote noHere’s an important action you can take: contact these Representatives and tell them to vote NO on HF 316. The bill has a subcommittee scheduled for 9:00 AM tomorrow (2/28) in the Iowa House, Room 102 of the Capitol.

Subcommittee Members:

Representative Jarad Klein (R), jarad.klein@legis.iowa.gov

Representative Clel Baudler (R), clel.baudler@legis.iowa.gov

Representative Chris Hall (D), chris.hall@legis.iowa.gov

HF 316 dismantles the Des Moines Metro Water Works Systems. This jeopardizes the facilities our members work at every day to provide clean water to residents in Central Iowa, including Des Moines Water Works and West Des Moines Water Works. The political history behind this bill stems from a DMWW lawsuit about agriculture run off. This bill does nothing to address clean water in our state and could result in Central Iowa looking more like Flint, Michigan than what we have today. AFSCME strongly opposes this bill, and we ask you to contact your legislators to vote NO on advancing this politicized piece of legislation and leave this issue to local control!

Check out “Save West Des Moines Water Works” on Facebook and sign Citizens for Clean Water’s petition.

Thank you for showing up and speaking out throughout this tumultuous legislative session.

In Solidarity,

Danny Homan, President

AFSCME Council 61

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