Editorial: Branstad’s legacy is dissing, dismissing public workers

branstad angryGov. Terry Branstad has repeatedly identified job creation as his top priority. Yet helping Iowans secure employment is apparently not among his goals. Since he was re-elected in 2011, Iowa Workforce Development has lost 27 percent of its workforce. Having hundreds fewer workers makes it difficult for the state agency to fulfill its mission of “providing employment services for individual job seekers.”

This governor values only private-sector jobs. While the economy and state revenues improved, he was happy to spend the public’s money on tax breaks and incentives for businesses that may or may not create decent-paying jobs. But funding for state workers and the important services they provide was another matter. He has long talked about public workers as a liability.

Though the governor never says how many state workers there should be, he just knows he wants fewer of them.


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