We need you to go to a forum close to your home this weekend and tell legislators:

union yes iflOne of the most important actions you can take in this fight to save collective bargaining is to attend your legislators’ in-district forums. When you attend a legislative forum, be sure to introduce yourself and talk about the job you do or did as a public employee; not your title, but the services you provide. Maybe you’re a family member or just a community member who recognizes the importance of public employees – share that. Tying faces and stories to this fight is how we will win. If you live in a legislator’s district, make sure they know that, and let them know if you voted for them. Then ask, “Will you vote against any changes to my collective bargaining rights?


Teachers, nurses, solid waste workers, snow plow drivers, school bus drivers and other public servants are under attack by the Iowa legislature.

Certain members of the newly elected legislature are planning on sweeping changes to Iowa’s public sector bargaining laws – a law that’s worked well for 40 years and was passed by a Republican governor!

We need you to go to a forum close to your home this weekend and tell legislators:

  • Nobody Voted For This Kind of “Change” and not a single politician campaigned on this issue.
  • Our public employees are our neighbors and family members.  Stop attacking our communities!
  • Stop the attack on public sector bargaining rights (Chapter 20).

Click on the link below to see the forum closest to you this weekend.



Iowa Legislative Forum Guide


Thank you standing up for our brothers and sisters who are under attack! Legislative Forums are a critical place for us to fight back against attacks on working families.


Our Goal:

Get Legislators on the record with their position on Collective Bargaining for public workers so we can hold them accountable.


Best Practices:

  1. Show up early and stay late: Arrive 15-30 minutes early, stay until the legislators leave.
  2. Introduce Yourself: Tell them you’re a voter in their district. If you voted for the Legislator let them know you voted for them.
  3. Ask Questions: Be polite, specific, and brief. Say, “My question is for Senator ___ – will you support our teachers, firefighters, corrections officers, and all public workers against attacks on collective bargaining rights?” If they’re with us, thank them!
  4. Cover the event on social media: Post on Twitter or Facebook using the hashtags #ialegis and #1U. Post real time updates with direct quotes. Take photos and videos of legislators and the Forum. Use the Facebook Live option when any questions related to labor issues comes up.
  5. Stick to the Talking Points: We want to stand together and be consistent. If your local union provided you with talking points use those. If not, use the talking points below.


  1. Send us Photos! Email pictures to Lance with the Iowa Federation of Labor at lance@iowaaflcio.org. In addition to your photo, be sure to let us know:
    1. Which forum did you attend?
    2. What union or organization are you with?
    3. Anything else we should know!

See the link to the report back form. Please fill it out and send it back to tracy@iowaaflcio.org or mail to IFL at 2000 Walker, Suite A Des Moines, IA 50317


Talking Points: (If your Local Union provided you Talking Points please use them)

  • Anti-worker politicians and out of state corporations are attacking the rights of Iowa’s Working Families – the everyday heroes keep our communities safe and strong
  • These are political attacks aimed to weaken the voices of nurses, public safety workers, firefighters, and teachers –all public workers.
  • This is nothing more than a political attack that will hurt working families and I don’t recall any candidates running on attacking Iowa workers.
  • Public Sector bargaining laws have worked well for over 40 years.
  • These attacks are unnecessary, unfair, and un-American.
  • This legislation does nothing to create jobs or raise living standards of Iowans.
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