Lame Duck and TPP

tpp another bad trade dealIn the lame duck session after the elections a push will be made to pass the Trans-Pacific Partnership.  The White House, along with a plethora of corporate and industry lobbyists, will blanket members of Congress with assurances of what a great deal we are in store for.  A up or down vote will take place in which U.S. Citizens and consumers are taken through a carnival spook house of bad outcomes.  This is scary folks.

There is a holiday present for almost all multi-national corporations to further enhance the corporate bottom line at the expense of everyday people.  Greed will be at a premium.  Ethics and morality at a minimum.  Sweet corporate deals include reduced environmental oversite, erosion of workers rights, a food safety system that will keep you wondering where it came from, and loss of sovereignty through a ever expanding Investor State Dispute Resolution Process (ISDS) cottage industry.  In this “trade agreement” there are some twenty chapters while only five or six talk about trade.  We already have trade deals with many of the countries involved but it is evident that we must of left some democracy “meat on the bone” for corporations to try to remove.

ISDS may be the icing on the cake when it comes to bad ideas.  It may be used in other trade agreements but there is a meteoric rise in the numbers of cases where companies sue individual countries or governmental entities for “loss of expected future profits”.   Imagine a collective bargaining agreement where the workers are given reparations if the employer does anything that would lead to loss of future income.  ISDS is the multi-national’s equivalent.

ISDS destroys local control and the ability to do what is best for it’s citizens, only to be trumped in a kangaroo, lobbyist dominated world court that is outside the reach of our judicial system.  Panels of three corporate head spinners will decide possible damages against the citizens, causing tax money to be used as dividends to shareholders.

The fight against the TPP can be won.  A large majority of Americans oppose the agreement and with a continued fight by the 750 or so groups,including every labor union in the nation, we can win this.  We owe it to ourselves, our families, our communities and our sovereignty.

We can win.  We need to defeat the Trans-Pacific Paernership.

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