VOTE this election

vote-araThe 2016 election day is almost here and the results will have a huge impact on the lives of Iowa seniors! It is critical that our ARA members, union members and our families go to the polls and vote this year. Along with their affiliates and CLCs, the Iowa Federation of Labor has developed a statewide election plan to get the labor vote out. YOU can help!

We are stronger together. That is what membership is all about. If we work together during this election period to get out the vote for our endorsed candidates, we will restore the balance of power, stop attacks on working people and build an economy that works for everyone.

To Volunteer contact: Iowa Federation of Labor AFL-CIO , 2000 Walker, Suite A, Des Moines IA. 50317 515-262-9571

Labor 2016 Offices around Iowa: LABOR CAMPAIGN OFFICES



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