And the next president is….


union-proud-and-voteIf we follow the logic of how elections work, either Secretary Clinton or Mr. Trump will be the next POTUS. Yes, I know that there are other candidates in the race. There are ideologically “pure” candidates out there who may align with your individual vision of the “perfect” candidate. And if you believe your vote is for the perfect candidate is more important than a vote to protect the future of this country, by all means, vote for your perfect candidate, it worked so well in 2000 with the Nader vote and the subsequent EIGHT years of G. W. Bush.

That “pure” vote lead to multiple wars, massive deficits, and a near meltdown of the entire world’s economy. We are still struggling to get out of those quagmires and rebuild our econony.

We clearly have a choice to make. I choose to vote for Hillary Clinton. I choose to vote to protect the rights of working people, to protect our union rights, to protect the working peoples’ rights with the nomination to life-time federal court positions.

I believe you have a choice to make too.

Ken Sagar, President, Iowa Federation of Labor

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