Rock Against The TPP

rock-against-tpp-flyer-iowa-cityThis Thursday at 5pm on the Iowa City Ped Mall (Black Hawk Mini-Park) come join a coalition of labor, community, and environmental groups who are taking a stand against the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) – a toxic trade deal that gives corporations even more power at the expense of workers’ rights, the environment, access to medicines, and food safety. Like NAFTA, it undermines democracy by allowing corporations to sue governments when democratically-established laws interfere with foreign investors’ profit margins.  This isn’t just a bad deal for U.S. workers – people in Asia, Australia, and Latin America have staged huge protests against the TPP for putting profits before people.
We’re going to Rock Against the TPP on Thursday – you should join us! There will be music by Matthew Grimm, speakers, and a skit about the dangers of the TPP. Have fun, speak out, and make a difference this Thursday.
What:  Rock Against The TPP
When:  Thursday, September 29, 5:00 pm
Where:  North end of Iowa City Ped Mall (Black Hawk Mini-Park)
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