The fight for the VA is far from over

UnionVetsLogoSisters and Brothers,

The fight for the VA is far from over. Greedy politicians and their corporate backers want nothing more than to destroy and privatize our VA. And privatization — that’s just a fancy word for saying “I want to let my billionaire buddies profit off the care of veterans.”

So, yeah, they’re not going to just stop going after us and the healthcare we earned.

Our friends over at VoteVets have just launched a new TV spot discussing this very issue.

The ad features Kevin Pannell, an Iraq War veteran who lost both of his legs in Iraq in a grenade ambush.

Pannell: “I deployed to Iraq in February of 2004. That 13 June while on foot patrol in Baghdad, my unit was ambushed.  I kept my promise to support and defend our country. The country also made a promise – that I’d be taken care of when I got home.  The men and women I served with count on the VA for care – just like I do.  But now, politicians are talking about breaking that promise… And leaving us to fight with greedy hospital corporations for the care that we earned.  Tell your lawmakers…veterans’ care is not for sale.”

The ad ends with a number for people to call, which will patch them through to their lawmakers’ offices on Capitol Hill.

I’m asking you: share this ad. Make that phone call.

Union Veterans Council, AFL-CIO

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