The Democratic Party Platform Must Include Opposition to the TPP

tpp mapBy a narrow majority, the Democratic Platform Drafting Committee voted not to include opposition to the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) in the draft platform.

The TPP is a bad trade deal that will hurt working families, the environment, consumers and our communities. It’s a deal negotiated by and for the 1 percent. Both Secretary Clinton and Senator Sanders have pledged to oppose the TPP. The Democratic Party must show that it’s on the side of working Americans by taking a stand against the TPP.

It’s not too late. The full Democratic Platform Committee will meet on July 8-9 in Orlando, FL to approve the final draft of the platform. CWA and our allies are pushing the Committee to include strong opposition to the TPP as part of the platform.

We’ve been fighting hard to stop the TPP. Will you stand up again and sign the petition calling on the Democratic Party to say no to the TPP?

Click here to sign petition

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