Big Labor makes peace with Hillary Clinton on trade

trumka 2AFL-CIO President Richard L. Trumka on Monday accused Donald Trump of peddling deceit on trade issues, calling the presumptive Republican presidential nominee the “king” of outsourcing labor abroad for his personal business.

“Look at what he does, not what he says,” Trumka said in an interview in his office overlooking the White House. “He could have an effect on trade by bringing all the products he makes overseas back home and have Americans produce them. But he doesn’t do that. Like every other person out there, he takes advantage of a bad system that hurts workers and helps people at the top. He’s the king of doing that.”

Trumka’s remarks make clear that the nation’s largest collection of labor unions, with 12.7 million members, plans to actively campaign against Trump despite the candidate’s fierce public opposition to free-trade pacts, which largely echoes the AFL-CIO’s position. Trump has vowed to back out of the 12-nation Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade accord negotiated by the Obama administration.


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