Social Security and Medicare Trustees Report Deliver Reassuring News

social security keep it workingStatement by AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka on the release of the 2016 Social Security and Medicare Trustees Reports:

 Today’s reports provide reassuring news for retired and disabled workers, their families and all Americans working toward a secure retirement. But fully funding Social Security’s modest benefits into the indefinite future in the face of a growing retirement income crisis is not enough; and the Medicare report establishes the precipitous growth of prescription drug prices as a major driver of healthcare costs. These represent some of the most important issues at stake for working people in this election.

Hillary Clinton is committed to strengthening and expanding vital programs working people rely on while Donald Trump can’t be trusted to protect them. We will stand with leaders like Hillary Clinton so together we control the cost of prescription drugs and improve benefits to ensure that future generations get the retirement security they need and deserve.

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