We can take on Wall Street

verizon StrikeHeader-3Q: When is a salary not a salary?

A: When you are a corporate executive or Wall Street money manager who doesn’t want to pay your fair share of taxes.

Corporations and Wall Street bankers have rigged the tax code so that they can get huge tax breaks by paying executives in stock options and treating hedge fund manager salary income as capital gains.

That hurts all of us because it encourages executives to focus on short-term stock prices at the expense of long-term investment in our communities. The taxes that corporations and Wall Street money managers avoid paying could be used to repair our roads and bridges, fund our schools and make college free for hundreds of thousands of students.

Members of Congress from both parties are finally taking notice. Legislation to close this and other loopholes has a real chance of passing this year if it can get enough co-sponsors in the next few weeks.

Will you ask your member of Congress to co-sponsor these bills today?

We’re not alone in this fight. Working people, students, seniors, consumers and small business owners are joining together to demand a big set of changes in how Wall Street works and what they get away with.

Why? Because loopholes like these allow CEOs and Wall Street bankers to get rich at the expense of the rest of us.

That’s why 39,000 men and women are on strike at Verizon right now. Corporations like Verizon look to move jobs overseas and to low-wage contractors, slash health care, trash retirement security and make ever more demands for concessions, all to satisfy Wall Street.

Instead of playing games with stock prices, Verizon could have been using the money to build out FiOS, improve service and provide good jobs in the communities it serves.

We can take on Wall Street and begin to restore balance in our economy by shining a light on these loopholes and closing them, one by one.

Take the first step. Click here to ask your member of Congress to stand with us.

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