Surviving seven years without a raise

pam jocum 2Surviving seven years without a raise

Today marks the seven-year anniversary of the last time the federal government granted hardworking Americans a raise. Since May 25, 2009, the federal minimum wage has remained frozen at $7.25 an hour. Here in Iowa, despite efforts in the Iowa Senate to raise the state’s minimum wage, Iowa families continue to attempt survival on the bare minimum wage allocated by the federal government.

The minimum wage isn’t about high schoolers or lazy people. It’s about families. It’s about the mothers and fathers who work 40 hours each and every week, doing anything from flipping burgers to filing paperwork, and yet still worry about paying for health care, housing, even food. It’s about the single parents working two full-time jobs just to pay for the basic needs of life for their children, and who never get to see them as a result. It’s about our friends and neighbors all across this state who work as hard as anyone, and yet struggle far too much.


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