Iowa Democratic Party Disagrees with Trump’s View that Wages Are “Too High”

minimum wage raiseMcGuire Calls for a Minimum Wage Increase

DES MOINES–May 25th, 2007, was the last time the federal government passed legislation that ensured Americans a wage increase. While the cost of living has skyrocketed, the federal minimum wage remains frozen at $7.25/hr, a rate that prevents working families from getting ahead. Democrats value a strong workforce and have continued to fight for working Americans here in Iowa and around the country, so Donald Trump’s announcement that wages are “too high” demonstrates a complete disregard for middle class Americans and shows how out of touch he really is.

Unfortunately, this isn’t a surprise announcement coming from Trump. His business empire was built on the backs of exploited workers and underpaid staff. Last week, Americans discovered that Trump was rooting for the housing crisis of 2007. Donald Trump’s stance on minimum wage is indicative of an overall economic strategy based on greed and self-interest. Today, Iowa Democratic Party Chair Dr. Andy McGuire issued a call for a higher minimum wage in Iowa and across the country:

“Donald Trump’s claims that American workers’ wages are too high and his call to abolish the federal minimum wage echo his anti-worker mentality. In Iowa, we have too many people working full-time and living below the poverty line. It is unacceptable, and Donald Trump is not the answer.

“Our wages are clearly behind the times. I applaud our Democratic lawmakers in the Iowa House and Senate for standing up for Iowa’s working men and women by making an increase in wages a legislative priority. It is unfortunate to see a candidate like Trump who doesn’t respect workers, is out of touch with the reality of day-to-day living, and wants to capitalize on the backs of others.

“Democrats have a proud history of championing American workers, and we are united by our commitment to rewarding hard work and moving forward by raising the minimum wage.”

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