Another Look At Updated Early Vote Numbers For The Primary

iowa election may 2016With just two weeks left before Iowa’s primary elections on June 7, let’s take another look at the early vote totals across the state. A lot has changed since we first discussed the numbers three weeks ago.

The Secretary of State’s office is posting these totals regularly now, so you can always go check yourself on their website. Also, here’s the useful list of candidates running.

One caveat for the numbers I’m posting here – you’ll note that in some places the return rate of absentee ballots is very low. My guess in most of these cases is that those are areas where an absentee mailer just went out and everyone just recently requested ballots, and not so much an indication that a campaign isn’t picking them up. Low return rates are not uncommon at this stage in the campaign. We’ll check in again over the next two weeks to see how they’re coming back in.


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