Workers Memorial Day and Vets

UnionVetsLogoToday is Workers Memorial Day. More than 150 work-related deaths occur every single day in the United States.

I often remark to folks that there’s not an issue affecting the working class that isn’t also affecting veterans. Workers Memorial Day is no exception.

Here’s a quick story. Christian Ginesi served five years in the US Air Force. He served in Iraq. He served in Afghanistan. He put his life on the line.

Then he came home.

But one month into his work at an unlicensed, non-union construction company, Christian had a preventable accident and fell 24 flights down an elevator shaft.

Christian survived war, but died at work back here at home.

He mourn for Christian and our other brothers and sisters who die on the job. And, as Mother Jones said, we “fight like hell for the living.”

In Solidarity,

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