iowa dotThe Transportation Budget Bill, Senate File 2320, is now in a Conference Committee. Conference Committees are used to resolve differences between versions of bills passed by the House and Senate. The Senate Majority passed a budget that includes $9.7 million in funding for the Iowa Department of Transportation; however, the House Majority removed this $9.7 million in DOT funding when they passed their version of this bill.

Without this funding, there would be severe consequences for the Iowa Department of Transportation: a loss of 157 employees in Fiscal Year 2017 and additional losses of 288 more employees in three following fiscal years (for a total of 445 employees). This would mean less snow plowing, less DOT garages, and less road maintenance and oversight all across Iowa.

We urgently need members and friends to contact the legislators on the Conference Committee for this bill. Using our letter writing tool, you can send a letter to all ten legislators on the Conference Committee with just a few clicks.

In addition to sending a letter, you can contact these legislators by phone. While the House is in session, you can call the House Switchboard at (515) 281-3221 and ask for any of the Representatives on the Conference Committee (Representatives Huseman, Holt, Vander Linden, Lykam, and Cohoon). While the Senate is in session, you can call the Senate Switchboard at (515) 281-3371 and ask for any of the Senators on the Conference Committee (Senators McCoy, Bowman, Petersen, Kapucian, and Schneider). The message you should tell the legislators is: “I urge you to support the $9.7 million in DOT funding that is in the Senate version of Senate File 2320. If this funding is not included in the final budget it will lead to deep staff cuts and mean less snow plowing and DOT garages across the State. It would mean less maintenance and oversight of our roads. Please support this funding. Thank you.”

Please make sure to contact legislators using personal contact information, personal devices, and personal accounts from outside of work.

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