House Republican pushes pro-recession message

congressIn October, less than a year into his congressional career, Rep. Rod Blum (R-Iowa) raised a curious complaint: the economy in and around the nation’s capital, he said, was simply too good. After taking a picture of several DC-area construction cranes, the Iowa Republican said via Twitter, “We need to cause a recession … in Washington DC.”
This week, the same congressman repeated the same call, complaining about the excessive health of inside-the-Beltway economic development. “DC needs a recession,” Blum said on Monday, alongside another picture of construction cranes. (The congressman sent this from both his personal Twitter account and his congressional account.)
To put it mildly, it’s extremely unusual for an American official to want a recession inside a major American city, and as Roll Call reported, the GOP freshman’s comments have drawn some attention.
The Iowa City Building Trades Council said Blum’s wish was “out of touch.”
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