The parties are ready for the caucuses. Are you?

vote your vote countsMonday at 7 p.m. in all 99 counties, and all 1,681 precincts, Iowans will engage in one of our country’s greatest demonstrations of democracy, a demonstration that is unique to our state: the first-in-the-nation Iowa precinct caucuses.

That’s right, after a year (at least!) of countless campaign stops, television advertisements, handshakes and one-on-one conversations, the nation will once again turn to Iowa.

We’re confident that both parties are ready for a successful caucus night. Our caucus teams have worked together with Microsoft to develop a new caucus application that will enable results to be delivered quickly, efficiently and securely. Both parties have spent many hours training Iowans all across the state to lead our caucuses. We’re proud to say that Iowans have stepped up to the plate to ensure our caucuses are successful: both the IDP and RPI have amazing caucus-night volunteers and chairs in place to assist on caucus night.


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