Trump and Wounded Warriors—NOT!

vet wallBy Tim Urban01/29/16
Donald Trump’s latest gambit to co-opt the media for free airtime is his alternative event promoting relief for Wounded Warriors. In September, he received an endorsement from the group Veterans for a Strong America at a California rally, support that Trump called a reflection of millions of veterans backing his campaign. Subsequent investigations of the group found few members and questionable fundraising in its past.

But what is it with Trump and Veterans? While the Vietnam War claimed the lives of some 58,000 of his countrymen, Trump received a series of deferments so that he could attend college at Fordham University and the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business. Then, after graduation, he received his fifth free pass, a fishy medical exemption that declared him ineligible for combat. Many veterans view Trump as a “chickenhawk.”


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