Caucus Resolutions for Submission to Precinct Chair

ifl logo colorDear Sisters and Brothers,
We want to share some information with you about Working Family Friendly resolutions and how you can promote family friendly policies on caucus night.
We are encouraging Iowans to introduce resolutions at their caucus to promote things such as:
• We support maintaining and protecting Medicare, now in its 50th year. We oppose any attempts to privatize Medicare or reduce benefits for seniors relying on the program.
• We support efforts to raise wages in Iowa and the United States. The minimum wage both federally and in Iowa is $7.25 an hour, a poverty and starvation wage no one can live or support a family on.
• We support full funding of our schools, because every child should have the opportunity to succeed.
• We support maintaining and expanding Social Security, one of the most successful social programs in history. By “lifting the cap” for the wealthy to contribute to Social Security, benefits can be expanded, and social security will be available for generations to come.
• We oppose the Trans-Pacific Partnership, the disastrous trade deal written by and for multi-national corporations. We support fair trade that respects, workers, consumers, the environment, and human dignity.
• We support allowing every Iowan to vote by mail. This would allow everyone to be able to vote who wishes to without fear of intimidation, poor weather, or time inconvenience.
• We oppose attempts to privatized government services. Most government services are provided for the common good of society, and should not be privatized for the enrichment of a few.
• We support the United States Postal Service, and call on it to expand, not reduce its services. Postal banking is a concept that would take power away predatory lenders who take advantage of low income Iowans.
• We support giving young people more opportunities for higher education that includes apprenticeship programs. Apprentices can “earn while they learn” and graduate from a program debt-free while learning skills that provide for great careers.
Thank you for everything you do to make our state and communities stronger.
In Solidarity,
Ken Sagar, President
Iowa Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO

Click here to get printable copy of resolutions to submit

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