Union Veterans Council

UnionVetsLogoThe holiday season is here and the New Year is nearly upon us. It’s my sincere hope that 2016 brings you and your loved ones health and happiness. The Union Veterans Council is committed to building the veteran class and fighting for all working people—through education, mobilization and showing the difference solidarity can make. We’re making great strides, but more is needed. Our effectiveness in reaching our goals and building our programs depends on you as much as it does me.

The Union Veterans Council is only as strong as our members. Will you commit to helping us grow the Council? Take the challenge. Spread the word about the Union Veterans Council to friends, family and your sisters and brothers and ask them to join up.

Over the next year, we’re going to be engaged in fights at workplaces, in the US Congress and state legislatures and, of course, in the very important presidential and down ballot elections. The Union Veterans Council is inserting ourselves into these fights. We’re going on the offensive—lifting up where businesses and politicians really stand when it comes to veterans and our issues.

We are indebted and grateful to you for what you’ve already done by joining the Council and we’re even more indebted and grateful for what you’re going to do to help the Council and all working people in the weeks and months ahead.

On behalf of the Union Veterans Council’s officers and board, we wish you nothing but the very best during this holiday season.

In solidarity,

Will Fischer

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