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The Iowa legislature hasn’t passed a minimum wage increase for nearly 9 years. It’s been so long that the iPhone didn’t even exist the last time they passed a higher minimum wage.
What has increased is the cost of living — rent, food, clothing — it costs more to live now than it did six years ago, and working families are struggling to get by. Thousands of Iowans will have more money in their pockets when we raise the minimum wage. But how high should the minimum wage be?
Take our one-question survey >>> what should Iowa’s minimum wage be?
Raising the minimum wage would help lift Iowans out of poverty, stimulate the economy, and save the government much needed funds by reducing the number of people who receive food stamps and other assistance. It’s a step in the right direction toward making our economy work for all of us, not just the wealthiest.
Working together with Family Friendly Iowa and progressive organizations across the state, we will continue the fight for an increase in the minimum wage. Our one-question survey will help give us the information we need to demonstrate the support raising the minimum wage from Iowans.
Will you add your name and take this survey today?
Thanks for all you do,
Matt Sinovic
Progress Iowa
P.S. After you take our one-question survey, be sure to forward this email to as many as possible. With your help we will give a much needed raise to Iowa’s working families!

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