Black Workers’ Conference

black workers conf 2016Iowa City Federation of Labor – Black Workers’ Conference
In light of much-needed national attention to ongoing instances of racial injustice, many unions are engaging in new conversations on race and the role it plays in the lives of millions of workers. At the national level, a new AFL-CIO Labor Commission on Racial and Economic Justice is exploring racial issues within the labor movement, and seeking ways for voices of all working people to be heard on complex racial issues in order to advance the fight for workers’ rights.
We need to take up these issues locally as well, and the Iowa City Federation of Labor will kick off the conversation with our first-ever Black Workers’ Conference during the January, 2016, Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday weekend. Please spread the word about this important event!
Black Workers’ Conference                                                                   Saturday, January 16, 2016                                                                   9 am – 3:30 pm                                                                                Iowa City Fed Hall, 940 S. Gilbert Court, Iowa City                               Flyer attached
This one-day conference is designed to bring together black workers active in their unions or communities. Free and open to all area workers and union members interested in learning about workplace rights, racial justice, and labor issues. 
The conference will include sessions on: 
  • Race and labor rights: U.S. labor and civil rights history, and key trends and issues affecting black workers today
  • Your rights at work: Introduction to legal rights and contract enforcement
  • Building power for the future: Contemporary roles of the labor movement in struggles for racial justice

Speakers will include University of Iowa Labor Center instructors, UI Law Professor and employment discrimination expert Angela Onwuachi-Willig, and UAW Region 4 Civil and Human Rights Council President Pamela Davidson.

Sponsored by the Iowa City Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO, with support from the Iowa Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO.
Lunch will be provided for attendees. Please register by January 12 by calling the Labor Center at 319-335-4144.
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