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SocialSecurityWorks-LogoThis week, Governor Scott Walker, the Koch brothers’ chosen candidate, dropped out of the Republican presidential primary. This stands as a complete repudiation of right-wing economic policies that grip Walker and his contemporaries, who announce their plans to devastate Social Security and Medicare in the hopes of winning the approval of billionaire backers. But Walker, along with the tepid reception for his competitors, shows that all the money in the world cannot buy the hearts of voters. But, most Republican candidates still don’t get it. They are choosing to court donors over voters.

Immediately following the recent Republican presidential debate, Governor Chris Christie and Senator Rand Paul repeated attacks on Social Security, falsely claiming it is going broke and offering benefit cuts as the only solution. They’re not doing this because it is popular with the American people. In fact, 79% of likely voters – Republicans, Democrats and Independents – want to see Social Security benefits expanded, not cut. They are doing this to cozy up to their Wall Street buddies.

Stand with Social Security Works and demand that all presidential candidates start supporting policies, which reflect the views of the majority of Americans, not Wall Street donors. Sign the petition today that says: Chase voters, not donors!

During the debate, Governor Christie repeated his bogus claim that “Social Security will go insolvent in seven to eight years” even though the Social Security Administration’s data shows otherwise.

Senator Paul took his attacks even further, going after Senator Bernie Sanders’ plan to expand Social Security benefits for millions of Americans by calling it “a disservice to the country” and saying that folks who rely on Social Security will “have to figure out how to do with less money.”

“Do with less”?! Do Republicans not understand that the average annual Social Security benefit is just $14,375 and that there will be no Cost of Living Adjustment in 2016? If there’s someone who should be doing more with less, it’s billionaire SuperPAC donors, who stop paying into Social Security after the first $118,500 of wages. If the wealthy start paying their fair share, we can not only extend the lifespan of the Social Security trust fund, we can increase benefits for the majority of Americans.

Join Social Security Works today in demanding that all presidential candidates start chasing voters, not donors by supporting policies, which protect and expand Social Security.

Thank you for fighting for a secure retire

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