It’s time to raise the wage

IMG_3453Having grown up in poverty and being raised by a single mother, I remember sitting around the kitchen table with my family and having to make tough decisions about how the bills were going to get paid. This is one of the reasons that I have worked so hard as your Congressman to help grow the economy and create high quality, good paying jobs here in Iowa.

But we need to do more. Working families who are earning the minimum wage can no longer meet the basic standards of living. We must raise the minimum wage and make sure it adjusts to the cost of living.

I have been working since I came to Congress to raise the minimum wage. In fact, I was honored to support increasing the federal minimum wage to $7.25 the last time Congress acted on it in 2009. Unfortunately, it hasn’t changed since. In these tough economic times, far too many Iowa families are working hard, but still struggling to make ends meet. We must raise the minimum wage so hardworking Iowa families can maintain a basic standard of living.


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