Go Spread the Word

spread the wordBecome an advocate and help raise awareness about coronary artery disease (CAD) in women. If you or someone you know is experiencing possible symptoms of CAD, it’s important to know about your testing options, including which tests may be safer and more convenient for women.

Women deserve the most appropriate care available. Now is the time to voice our concerns about CAD in women and Spread the Word.

  • Be a champion: Share what you’ve learned with your online community with these conversation starters.
  • Download printable educational resources for yourself or to share with your friends and family. Get brochures, checklists, posters, and more.
  • Reach out to these groups for patient support and other health resources.
  • The campaign has two messages:

    1. Women may experience less obvious symptoms when their heart artery has a blockage. This could include tightness or pressure in the back, a burning sensation like heartburn, dizziness, back pain or sudden weakness.
    2. Partner with your doctor to find the right testing option for you. The only way to know if your symptoms point to coronary artery disease is to get tested. Some tests expose you to radiation while others are less invasive and more accurate for women. Get informed so you and your healthcare provider can decide together on the best option for you.
    Union Members at CLUW, ATU, OPEIU and More are Spreading the Word about Heart Disease!

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