Superintendents warn funding cuts will broadly affect programs

investDes Moines, Iowa – The response to Gov. Terry Branstad’s veto of nearly $55 million in funding for Iowa schools continues to grow, with at least 35 school superintendents warning that the funding cut will hammer schools on everything from textbooks to supplies to school technology.

While school superintendents routinely lobby and push school issues in the Legislature, they traditionally do so quietly behind the scenes, and it is rare for them to take public positions. That’s doubly so for comments about a sitting governor who will be in place for at least a couple of more legislative sessions, but they have not been a bit shy about issuing critical statements of Branstad’s veto.

“To say that you’re giving us money to change and not giving us money to operate doesn’t work,” said Anamosa superintendent Lisa Beames. “You can’t do it that way.”

“With the 1.25 percent that we are now getting, that equates to $80 per student,” said Clarke superintendent Steve Seid. “With the cost of living, school supplies and all of the things needed to have a school function, $80 per student just doesn’t cut it.”


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