Dollar General and overtime

Let me introduce you to Dawn. Dawn’s employer, Dollar General, basically cheated her out of money because an outdated rule about who is eligible for overtime pay said they could. And Dawn’s not alone. An estimated 6 million workers should be getting overtime, but aren’t.

Dawn should’ve been paid for her time, or she shouldn’t have been made to work those hours. Fortunately, a lot of groups are making a big push to fix the overtime pay rules as more and more workers are made to work longer hours without being paid for the overtime. So President Obama has asked the Department of Labor to update the old rules that allow employers to do this.

Watch Dawn tell her story and learn why it’s so important for the Department of Labor to update federal overtime regulations.

As a parent I know how valuable time is when you’re raising a family. And it makes me angry to think of all the moms and dads who may be forced to work more hours but still are earning poverty wages because of this outdated rule. That time should be spent earning money to put food on the table or it should be spent at that table with their families.To be robbed of that time and not be paid for it is egregious.

Single parents, women, people of color and young workers are especially affected by this issue because it’s often more difficult to secure a job in the first place, with the day-to-day stakes being much higher for them. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Watch and share Dawn’s story to see why it’s so important for the Department of Labor to update the federal overtime rules.

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