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Attacks on public-sector workers hurt working people and benefit the wealthy

Often, when politicians or corporate lobbyists attack public employees, they claim they’re acting to help hard-working taxpayers in the nonunion private sector who are suffering under the burden of supposedly fat and lazy government workers and their Cadillac pensions. Earlier … Continue reading

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Opponents say Trump Proposal Undermines Social Security

April 19, 2017 – Mary Kuhlman, Public News Service (IA) Play Audio in Browser Window The latest federal estimates say Social Security’s trust fund will run out in 2034, although the program would continue to pay benefits through its income … Continue reading

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Labor History

Labor Quote of the Day: George Meany “Greed to make the last dollar of profit led those employers to use violence, the courts and blacklists as weapons against unionism. They sought to deny workers their First Amendment rights-to act together and … Continue reading

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