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Editorial: Texas judge doesn’t understand American citizenship

It was the worst possible message one could send to a group of newly anointed American citizens. At a naturalization ceremony in San Antonio last Friday, Federal Magistrate Judge John Primomo told several dozen people, each of whom had just … Continue reading

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Prison labor was once ‘forced’

Two years later the law was amended to reflect the generally accepted theory that a prison should be made to pay its own way. The warden was given the power to hire out the labor of the convicts. In 1846, … Continue reading

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Labor History

November 24 Led by Samuel Gompers, who would later found the American Federation of Labor, Cigarmakers’ Int’l Union Local 144 is chartered in New York City – 1875 November 25 Some 10,000 New Orleans workers, Black and White, participate in … Continue reading

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